Project Destati Unveils Album

I recently published a post for Project Crystallis about Project Destati, an entity whose PR strategy this week mimicked Square Enix’s TWEWY iOS reveal from last year.

Personally, I hold little interest in the project. Unlike TPR, I can’t justify spending money on these songs. But that’s my personal opinion, and the music is well made.

Anyone who loves Kingdom Hearts music should certainly look into Project Destati.

Project Destati - background

In case anyone was wondering: I am working on posts just for Mental Gaming. However, they’re very in-depth and thus require more time. (Next post is going to be all about Square Enix’s annual financial report, and the various challenges mentioned.)


One response to “Project Destati Unveils Album

  1. We were recently nominated for a Liebster Award and have selected your blog as one of our eleven nominees to receive one as well. Keep up the great work! P.S. I think it’s hilarious that that’s what the project turned out to be. I was definitely not expecting that.

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