Square Enix Unveils Collective

I just posted a piece on Project Crystallis’s site about Square Enix’s new crowdfunding/Steam Greenlight/fan-driven publishing platform, Collective.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 12.55.23 AM


I find it really interesting that Square is seeking to get fans’ input in what games to publish. (When the Eidos IPs are being offered the way they are, it’s clear that Collective could give birth to big-budget AAA games, if the circumstances are right. This is serious money that Square is offering to put on the table.)

I’m psyched that Square is looking at way to revive older IPs, even when they aren’t sure how to do it. By contrast, Ubisoft put Prince of Persia on ‘pause’ because, in effect, they ran out of ideas. Letting enterprising developers manage IPs that they have visions for seems like a promising idea. (Hopefully they’ll open up some unused Square-side IPs as well, and we can finally have a TWEWY sequel.)

Some, like Mike Futter at GameInformer, are casting doubts on the financial viability of Collective. My response: Does he really think Square would create it if their calculations didn’t show profitability? (Then again, Square’s calculations can be off…) Still, it fits with President Yosuke Matsuda’s goal of outreach to and engagement of fans, and it’s a great step. I have high hopes.

Feel free to check out Collective’s website: http://collective.square-enix.com/


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