The Final Fantasy VII/Gnosticism Project


I’m planning to start a project that I’ve been mulling for a while: analyzing the connections between Final Fantasy VII and Gnosticism.

The literature on Gnosticism is, frankly, incredibly dense, complex, and contradictory. Scholars disagree on whether Gnosticism should even exist as a category. (Gnosticism’s popular image is a religion/philosophy that began around the 2nd century CE and is contemporary with early Christianity. I’ll explain more later) To rectify this, I’ll be writing as I read, documenting what I find and consider as my research progresses. My hope is that this structure, more a narrative than a definitive thesis, will make it accessible and potentially interactive.

The image above is of Final Fantasy VII – when the Lifestream intercepts Meteor as it crashes into Midgar. To start with the connections, we have to begin at the very core of Final Fantasy VII‘s universe – Gaea, the Lifestream, and Jenova.

Note: I will be using the following abbreviations for various aspects of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII:
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIICC or Crisis Core
Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenAC, FF7:AC, or Advent Children
Final Fantasy VIIFF7 or FFVII


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